More Noise. More EQ.

Soulcase is a London based experiemental sound label repping Black African, Caribbean and Indigenous sound designers, sound artists, sound engineers, music makers, composers and noisy folk. We fully support joining unions and are working in the future to collaborate with current unions and newly emerging unions who want to support sound people. This label is for those in different aspects of their career evolving and advancing their evolving practices.


This label aims not only to encourage sound makers of varying access requirements to produce music but to also foster ways in which we as sound makers can make sure our compositions are open for all to experience.

How can we support you? 

You can get in touch with any questions you might have about support that can be offered but also how the label can support you:

  • reading your contracts and making sure you are agreeing to fair hours
  • any remounts should include royalty payments (residuals)
  • your fee is reflective of your experience, living wage and is not going to try to exploit you because of your background or experience
  • you can check in with us if you have had an anti black/racist experience on a job
  • resources on how to make your sound more accessible

We support above the living wage standard

We also share opportunities in this community and more experienced sound designers/artists will always encourage ways that associates can join them on projects and be paid for their contributions.

We will be offering masterclasses in the future.

As we grow, we want to offer members to publish their works and hold the rights to their music. It is free to join and running costs are covered on a donation basis. 


There are number of organisations on the Help Musicians UK Funding Wizard: that can help with funding opportunities during this time. If you are also finding it hard to keep motivated, you can join our listening rooms at the end of the month, where we share our works, songs we like and check in.

If you want to be involved as a label member get in touch Joining Us