Make it make sense.

There are a number of terms that can feel really overwhelming when you first hear them below is a brief overview of what things mean and our understanding. Reach out if you would like to add your own.

AV Check – An enquiry into your availability for a project.

Exclusivity – applies to the product or service you are providing to the client. In terms of service it can be a requirement in your contracts that you are available on certain days during the scope of the projects and will not work other jobs during that time For products, for example your music is a little more complex regarding copyrights however, it has a similar principle that you are giving the client the rights to exclusively use that piece of music for their project and their project only.

Always read your contract and check before you sign over exclusivity to any of your work or time. Ask yourself, will you be able to dedicate that time only to this project? Are you happy allowing your music to be used in this specific way?

Residuals – Passive income that you receive from shows or films your work has been featured in.